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Michael Ares is a seasoned communications architect who thrives on the challenges of building strong market positions, robust corporate reputations and vibrant brand equity for organizations and individuals competing in highly competitive market environments. With more than 35 years of experience across a wide array of markets and industries, he brings a focused, strategic communications approach and a discerning, market-based perspective to every professional engagement.


As Michael himself says, "I am in the business of changing people’s minds. Whether it is convincing investors, potential partners and first-adopter customers to invest in the promise of first-time entrepreneurs, or designing and rolling out thought leadership initiatives that build and solidify the reputations of emerging and established enterprises, the successful enterprises and C-suite executives I have had the privilege of working with have come to rely on the strategic counsel and hands-on expertise I provide. 


As an early member of start-up teams in Silicon Valley, I helped lead the creation, market launch and public company financing of successful B2B and B2C companies offering new technologies, proprietary processes and innovative methodologies that drove the growth of valuable business and social initiatives." 


He is an undergraduate and graduate school alum of the University of California, Berkeley, where he was also a nationally competitive NCAA all-around gymnast and assistant coach.


Michael Ares

Principal Owner

MDA Corporate Marketing, LLC


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